COLUMN: Beer is good for you in all sorts of ways

Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

Mick Dennison. Pub Landlord. York Hotel, Morecambe.

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MICK DENNISON writes...I took my inspiration from the national newspapers this week as two contrasting articles caught my eye.

Firstly, I read an article that suggested seaside towns are dying on their backsides. Four towns were singled out for scrutiny; Clacton, Minehead, Rhyl and Blackpool.

If they are struggling I’m sure our plight is even worse with a lack of visitors and horrendous social problems being the norm everywhere.

The main focus of the article was the fact it’s too expensive to holiday in this country.

One of the reasons for higher prices compared to holidaying abroad is the 20% VAT we are charged.

I have written how the high VAT rate has affected the pub trade and now it seems hotels and boarding houses are feeling the pinch as well.

If we look at Blackpool for example, we are told that since the 70s their annual tourist numbers have dropped by seven million.

Do we as a town even have 7,000 visiting on an annual basis?

I think not!

We are lucky as a seaside town as we boast a fantastic view and we have a brand new road being built to transport lots of people into the town.

But where are they all going to go and what are they going to do?

Is this road being built to allow people to shop in Morrisons and Aldi?

Surely there are supermarkets in their home towns.

I’m afraid that without some quick investment or some thinking out of the box by our councils we will as the song goes, “be on the road to nowhere.”

Good news for pubs - beer is good for you.

A Sunday newspaper has announced it’s full of vitamins, high in fibre, low on sugar and good for your hair.

Research suggests it can protect against Alzheimer’s, aid weight loss and help to balance hormones.

Amazingly, beer is a great boost to your libido as the hops are said to have aphrodisiac qualities owing to them being a wonderful relaxant.

So, the message is get down to your local, drink beer, stay healthy and feel sexy!