Alternative View: Support your joints naturally

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

This week I am going to be focussing on the natural options for people looking for help supporting their joint health.

Maintaining the joint: your body naturally produces substances called glucosamine and MSM. These substances are produced any time you do something which stresses your joint, to repair the damage that has been done and help maintain joint health.

The trouble is that as we age the amount of glucosamine and MSM produced does not always manage to keep up with the amount of wear and tear. This can lead to pain, stiffness, crunching, clicking and ultimately arthritis. Supplementing extra glucosamine and MSM may therefore help to maintain your joints better.

Very often when we use a glucosamine or MSM product, we often suggest that they may be better taken alongside herbs which are thought to have a natural anti inflammatory effect, like rosehip or ginger. One of our favourite glucosamine products – Lambert’s Glucosamine Complete – actually combines glucosamine, MSM, rosehip and ginger, which we thought was a great idea.

Natural anti-inflammatories: there are actually many options available, but one of the products that we have had the most consistent reports from is Celadrin.

Celadrin is an oil based supplement which claims to have both an anti inflammatory and joint lubricating action. This is actually one of our best selling joint supplements that over the years we have heard many stories about. These stores range from a lady who swears it has helped her get back to fell walking, to a dog owner who tells us it gave her pet a new lease of life.

When the Celadrin does not help, because of course there are never any guarantees, then we would reach for either a good rosehip extract, or the new Solgar 7, which I have written about a few times over the last few months and which we have had some brilliant reports about – including one woman who came in and literally danced around the shop, she was so pleased with the effects.

And to rub on: our favourite suggestion is Vogel’s Arnica Gel. Made with pure Arnica herb, this gel has excellent anti-inflammatory actions, that we have seen again and again over the years.