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Jenny Logan
Jenny Logan
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Last week I had a look at the best new products of the year.

This week I start our annual top 10 countdown of the most popular products of the year. This week 10-6.

10) With lots of information in the popular press about how we are all deficient in Vitamin D, it is not really surprising that it gets it first ever mention in our top 10 this year.

Nearly every company has brought out Vitamin D supplements thanks to all the research being carried out on this vital nutrient. The most popular reason for buying Vitamin D? The fact that it has been shown to help lift the mood, particularly in the dark days of winter.

9) We only get one set of eyes and we all want to look after them as we age, therefore Nature’s Aid Lutein Eye Complex, a combination of all the important nutrients for eye health including lutein, bilberry and zinc, makes its annual appearance on our top 10. We get great feedback on this product from people who were concerned about deteriorating vision.

8) A very seasonal product this one – Milk Thistle – to protect your liver and ease digestive discomfort. This herb is always popular over the Christmas period, synonymous with over indulgence.

However, it is also popular with us for the rest of the year as we use it to support skin health, hormonal health, digestive health and weight loss. This is because the liver is a major metabolic organ, so supporting its function can actually be useful.

7) We see a lot of people these days who are stressed and run down – which is not surprising really. For this reason our favourite energy support supplement – Recharge, by Vibrance Botanicals, makes it on to our top 10 list this year.

Recharge helps to support energy production, whilst reducing feelings of stress, so could also be ideal to help many of us get through the Christmas.

6) Joint formulas are always popular, as many people suffer from side effects if they take too many ‘normal’ anti-inflammatories.

Celadrin is by far our most popular natural product for this, helping to reduce pain and stiffness for a lot of our customers within a few weeks.