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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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Last week I wrote about using Nature’s Aid Immune Support Plus to minimise the symptoms of the nasty cold my mum tried to give me.

This week, I thought I had better let you know, that I didn’t just look after myself – I will tell you what I gave my poor mother to shift the nasty catarrh she suffered as a result of her cold.

Obviously one of the things I gave her was the Immune Support Plus that I was using myself.

This is because supporting the immune system should always reduce the length and severity of any infection.

Also because the elder and garlic which are in the Immune Support should also have some effect against the catarrh that was bunging up her sinuses, causing breathing issues and headaches.

Alongside this I also suggested that she try something called Serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase is something we have sold for a number of years, but it is not something that many people have actually heard of.

It is actually an enzyme, originally made by silk worms. When scientists were studying these amazing creatures, they found that the enzymes they produce to help them get out of their cocoon had properties which may be useful to humans.

So they found a way to synthesise the enzyme and discovered among its potential benefits it could help to break down inflammatory tissue and mucus.

This meant that it could be useful for a number of common complaints including sinusitis, catarrh, deep seated coughs and even asthmatic issues.

In the years since this discovery we have used Serrapeptase a lot for people with long term or deep seated mucus problems and have had some great reports back.

One gentleman in particular stands out for me, he had been suffering with catarrh and sinus problems for a number of years and nothing had really seemed to help.

We suggested that he try the Serrapeptase really as a last resort to see if it had any effect. He came back after only two weeks absolutely delighted and convinced that the Serrapeptase had actually started to relive his condition.

He was breathing more easily and wasn’t struggling with daily headaches as a result of his congestion.

This is why, when my mum was suffering in the same way with her cold, I suggested that she try some Serrapeptase alongside her Immune Support – and because she was suffering she actually did as she was told.

I am happy to report that she did indeed recover from her cold very well and that she also believed the Serrapeptase had helped her catarrh and sinus.

She has often struggled in the past to shake sinus problems after a nasty cold and one time was still struggling several weeks after her cold had cleared up.