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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

This week I want to share with you a lovely story about how natural remedies have helped a lady who was suffering with terrible digestive problems.

These stories are what makes the job that we do so rewarding. The lady in question came into the shop late one afternoon a few months ago. She was desperate for some help because her irritable bowel symptoms were becoming so extreme they were starting to really impact on her life and her work.

She had almost constant stomach pain and was having an explosive bowel movement between eight and ten times a day.

This in turn was causing her to feel quite sore and irritated around her bottom. She had seen the doctor, they hadn’t found any nasty causes, but neither had they yet been able to effectively reduce her symptoms.

So I decided to recommend two products that we have sold for years and had great reports from. The first was a good strong probiotic supplement. ProBiotics are basically good bacteria – most people these days have heard using good bacteria to support good digestion and indeed in my experience, when people who have been suffering with irritable bowel type complaints start using a decent good bacteria supplement, they generally tend to notice a benefit.

The good bacteria product that I chose in this case was called MightiDophillus. This is a super strength, broad spectrum good bacteria, that it have used many times for many people and have a lot of faith in.

Alongside this I used an A.Vogel product that used to be a firm favourite with my dad, which shows you how long we have been using it.

This product is called Tormentil Complex. We always say that Tormentil Complex is a good product to choose for those people that have a tormented bowels – which this lady definitely seemed to have.

I hoped that this combination would help to reduce some of the inflammation in her bowels and slow down her bowel movements.

This lady then called me two days later, just to let me know that she was already feeling better. Her bowels had slowed down and she was in much less pain already.

The great news is that these improvements have continued and with a few dietary changes this lady now feels back in control of her life rather than having to plan everything around her bowel problems.