Alternative View column

Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

It’s holiday time, so over the next couple of weeks I am going to take a look at the perfect travel companions to hopefully ensure that you have a happy and healthy holiday.

Firstly I’m taking a look at how to keep all sorts of bugs – biting bugs and tummy bugs – at bay.

One of the main concerns for many people, myself included, is being bitten by mosquitoes, midges and other biting nasties. This can cause a great deal of discomfort. I remember one year counting more than 25 bites I had received in one day.

This was before I discovered, what for me, is the winning combination of Vitamin B1 and neem. Vitamin B1 is an inexpensive supplement, which helps by actually making the blood less tasty and attractive to those biting beasties. Myself and a large number of my customers have noticed that taking this supplement every day throughout a holidays made a noticeable difference to the amount of bites and beasties that plagued us.

On top of this, the discovery a few years ago of neem – a wonderful natural insect repellent – has meant that I do not have to cover my body in nasty chemicals to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Neem originally came from India, from the only tree that the locusts will not eat. It was this that led to it being trialled as a natural insect repellent and it has proven to be extremely successful. My father has used it on his travels through Uganda and we have also found it effective at repelling the evil Scottish highland midge.

This year our herbalist, Nicola, has actually put our own insect repellent together, incorporating neem, with citronella, tea tree and lemon myrtle, all well known natural insect repellents, which is getting great reports.

Alongside the insect repellent and B1 to repel biting bugs you may also want to consider packing a good bacteria supplement to try and keep tummy bugs at bay. Until a few years ago I was a nightmare traveller, not only was I a martyr to mosquito bites, I also had the most sensitive stomach.

Then I started travelling a with a good bacteria supplement taking it for a week or so before leaving for my trip and continuing to take it throughout the holiday. The first year I did this was the first year, for years, when I did not get a stomach upset. This has continued ever since (touch wood).

At first, I took a really strong heat stable product, like Natures Aid Pro 30 Max, a one-a-day capsule with 30 billion bacteria in each dose. I felt this was necessary because my tummy was very sensitive.

After a few years I did feel much more settled, so now I travel with a less strong product – Higher Natures Pro Bio Daily.

I hope this helps you enjoy a more stress and bug free holiday, as it has me.