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Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.
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We have been looking at remedies recently which should help people have a little more body confidence as the summer holidays arrive.

This week I want to take a look at another problem which can make people quite self conscious during the warmer weather – varicose veins and swollen legs. For many people the idea of wearing a skirt or shorts is a nightmare – due to the fact that they believe their legs look unsightly because of their varicose veins, swollen ankles or swollen legs.

So the question we get asked a lot is – is there anything that could help with this?

The answer is yes. Our favourite suggestion to help people who are suffering with these issues is horse chestnut. Horse chestnut has traditionally been used to help reduce the symptoms associated with varicose veins, including heavy legs, painful legs, swollen ankles and visible veins.

For those looking for something which may offer reasonably swift relief from tired, heavy legs, try the horse chestnut gel from Vogel, called Venagel.

Venagel is a cooling and soothing preparation and could certainly be helpful for anyone looking for some quick relief from swollen or heavy legs.

In fact we had a lady in last week who told us that Venagel had reduced the pain and swelling in her legs in only three days.

Just a word of advice though, if you are going to apply any cream or gel to your legs, one thing we advise our customers is always apply it with gentle, upward hand movements moving the circulation up your legs, do not rub downwards.

Longer term, for those worried about varicose veins, it could be worth considering taking a horse chestnut tablet. This is because, used internally, horse chestnut is said to help strengthen and tone the walls of the veins which could actually help improve the appearance of the varicose vein.

Clinical trials have indicated that those who have used horse chestnut extract tablets over a six to eight week period have reported improvements in their varicose veins.

Our favourite horse chestnut supplement is by Lamberts as it combines horse chestnut with Butcher’s Broom and Rutin.

Often herbal combinations can be better than a single herb as you get a more broad action.

This, we think, is the case for the Lamberts Horse Chestnut Complex.

The Rutin in particular we like because it is something we have used on its own for years, in people who bruise very easily, to try and strengthen their small capillaries.

Bruising is often caused by weak capillaries bursting, the blood under the skin then forms a bruise.