A great way to spend the day - for free!

Jo Worgan
Jo Worgan
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Well, the six weeks’ school summer holidays has started. Stephen finished school aweek last Friday.

Tom finished at the end of last week. As ever we try to fill our days with ‘fun things’ to do, but as most parents, the less they cost or indeed if they are free, the better.



The other Monday we saw the reopening of the library in Bolton-Le-Sands. Both boys love going to the library in Lancaster and browsing and borrowing books, so as our more local library was being reopened to the public, we thought we would pop along, have a nose and borrow some books while we were there.

I also thought it would be a good opportunity to scout out the new layout in terms of seating and what books it would have to offer Tom. Well, it is wonderful. There is a fantastic selection of books, friendly staff, and even a coffee machine, what more could I ask for! Stephen borrowed some books and we found that this summer there is a summer reading journey challenge, in which children can take part in.

Stephen was given a card and on it was a list of challenges, ranging from ‘listen to an audio book’, ‘read a book of your choice’, and ‘visit a Lancashire county council museum’. So that was why we found ourselves in the Judges’ Lodging Museum in town, and what’s even better is that with the reading journey card, we got in for free.

I had never been to the museum before, and I loved it. While walking around I wondered if Tom would like it, but as you cannot touch much of the furniture and exhibits throughout the museum, I thought better of it, as he likes to touch everything. Anyway Stephen particularly enjoyed the Lego exhibit that is on at the moment and which runs until December. He also enjoyed completing the Lego trail in which you have to find Lego characters dotted around the various room of the museum.

So, although I won’t be taking Tom to that particular museum, I will be taking him to the library and seeing if he too wants to take part in the summer reading challenge.