LOOKING BACK: Megazone’s colourful past

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It’s clear to see the promenade has always been a staple of entertainment.

David Hodgson supplied the photographs showing the late Megazone’s history from what was a cinema to a waxworks museum.

However the building was originally built as the Pavilion for an attraction named Warwick’s ‘Revolving’ Tower (similar to the famous Blackpool Tower). The Pavilion was converted into a skating rink, and then a dance hall.

In 1913 the Whitehall Cinema opened on an August Bank Holiday taking over the premises.

The cinema, with 168 seats on the balcony and 500 seats in the stalls, screened many films for more than 40 years and showcased live shows on stage. It was closed on October 22 1955 with Hedy Lamarr in ‘the face that launched a thousand ships.’

After the cinema period the building was converted into a bingo club and later became J. Tussaud’s Waxworks museum.

The museum offered visitors many famous figures from Abraham Lincoln to Sir Winston Churchill.

By 1993 it became the Megazone laser game show.

Today, as you can see, the site shows the destruction of the Megazone blaze in June 2014. It is not known what caused the fire as an investigation discovered inconclusive evidence.

Thanks to David Hodgson for the photographs and Ken Roe for supplying some of Megazone’s history.