Charlie and Lola at Dukes

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EVERYONE’S favourite brother and sister off the telly – Charlie and Lola – are bringing their magical stage show to The Dukes.

Charlie and Lola’s Best Bestest Play is a wonderful chance for children aged three and older to experience a show designed especially for them.

Presented by four puppeteers and using the voices from the TV series, Charlie and Lola appear as cut-out cartoon characters in the same magical world they inhabit in the books and BBC TV series featuring music, magic tricks, pink milk and party rings.

Charlie is seven and Lola is four. She adores her older brother and has an imaginary friend, Soren Lorenson.

Find out if Lola will ever tidy her room or if Charlie will get Lola to sleep, even though she is not sleepy and will not go to bed.

See The Visitor (14-09-11) for full story.