Celebrity Masterchef debut a ratings winner

Celebrity MasterChef's series opener was a ratings success as food fans tuned in to watch a new bunch of stars roll up their sleeves in the kitchen.

Police officers tell members of the public to leave the scene in a street in Barcelona, Spain

Dozens injured in suspected terror attack

Dozens of people have been injured in Barcelona after a van ploughed into pedestrians in a suspected terror attack.

Jo & Cass, Lancaster.

Vision of the future led to 21 years of success for Lancaster salon

Twenty-one years ago, Jo Ireland and Graham Cass made the business move that was to lead them to the Jo and Cass salons that are today’s hair and beauty phenomena


Seven-year-old asks Jeremy Corbyn: "When will you be Prime Minister?"

Jeremy Corbyn was asked about his plans to become Prime Minister by a seven-year-old girl when he visited a museum in Lancashire.

North West 2
Ridge Community Primary School, Lancaster.

SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT: Ridge Community Primary School

Ridge Community Primary School is a small school with big personality.

Opponents of the technique claim it will harm the environment, but supporters say it is a beneficial source of energy

UK is 55 million years too late for fracking to work, says expert

The geology of the UK is unsuitable for fracking and the opportunity of the new energy source has been "overhyped", a geoscience expert has claimed.
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The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight including a Lancaster bomber, a Spitfire and a Hurricane

Airshows hit as Second World War planes are grounded

More than half of the airworthy Second World War-era planes flown by the Royal Air Force (RAF) have been grounded over engine-related safety fears.

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Ella Scallan, Lauren Parry, Charlotte Hudson, Caitlin Johnstone, Emma Cutting and Abi Plowman from LGGS celebrate their A-level results.

A-level students celebrate their results across the Lancaster and Morecambe district

Sixth formers across the district have been collecting their A-level results this morning – and we will bring you them all as we get them.

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Brollies at the ready..

Gertcha! Tail end of hurricane could soak the north

The remnants of Hurricane Gert could divide the country in two by sweeping in to salvage summer for the South but soak the North, according to forecasters.

North West
Unfortunately the UK wont see a perfect alignment of the moon and the sun

There will be a solar eclipse on Monday: what are your chances of seeing it?

This coming Monday, a solar eclipse is expected, with some parts of the world seeing a TOTAL eclipse as the moon passes in between the Earth and the sun.

James (right) caught swigging from a hip flask on live tv

Wigan student’s new found hip-flask fame!

A Wigan A-Level student has become an internet sensation after being spotted cheekily swigging from a hip flask in the background of an interview live on TV.

North West
Dallam pupils Sara Lycett, Alistair Maskell, Rutendo Madhlambudzi, James Stebbings, Georgia Beaumont, Harry Jackson and Lauren Walton.

A-level results 2017

Students have been finding out their A-level results today, and we are posting them here as soon as we receive them.

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Exam results can be a source of stress for many students

Support offered for young people worried about exam results

Lancashire students who have either received their A-level results or are waiting for their GCSE results are reminded that help, support and guidance is available from 'Talkzone', the county council's advice service.

"It's going to be so exciting. It doesn't happen very often, does it?"

Bonnie Tyler to sing total eclipse of the heart during solar eclipse

Bonnie Tyler will sing her classic hit Total Eclipse Of The Heart during next week's solar eclipse in the US.
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A man has been recalled to prison after being charged with a burglary at a hair salon in Lancaster.

Man is recalled to prison after Jo and Cass burglary

A man who was charged with burgling a hair salon is back behind bars.

Ben Ryan with his son Jacob before he was diagnosed with Wilson's Disease.

Young dad from Morecambe struck down as copper poisons body

Ben Ryan faces a long, hard journey to recovery after being struck down by a rare genetic disease. His family wants to increase awareness of his condition in a bid to help others and raise funds to help his recovery. MICHELLE BLADE reports

Dr Mukesh Kumar has been named as a finalist at the 2017 MIT Technology Reviews Innovators Under 35 Europe awards.

Researcher from Lancaster is shortlisted for national award

A Lancaster chemistry researcher has been shortlisted as one of Europe’s leading young innovators by a prestigious international award.

NHS blood donor service is reviewing blood donor sessions in the area.

Review of blood donor sessions is underway in area

NHS Blood and Transplant is writing to local blood donors to let them know about potential changes to donation sessions .

Here are ways to ensure you have fun in the sun while on holiday this summer.

Keep your family safe on holidays this summer

Thousands of people across Lancashire are jetting off abroad on the great Summer getaway - and most of them will have a good time without incident.

Nobody plans to go on holiday and become unwell or have an accident, but the consequences can be appalling.

Brits are now being more adventurous with their holidays. As well as favourites like Spain, Greece and Tenerife they are now travelling to new long haul “terror free” destinations like Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico but they come with their own risks.

Hundreds of Brits on holiday in Cancun in Mexico last summer were struck down with crippling sickness bug Cyclospora that is commonly spread by food or water contaminated with faeces. The outbreak sparked a public health warning by the Foreign Office and a new outbreak has already been reported this summer.

Nolan Mortimer Head of Travel Law at Simpson Millar solicitors said people need to become more aware that standards abroad are often not as high as those we enjoy here in the UK.

Nolan, who is representing holidaymakers from the Mexico illness outbreak, said: “When people travel abroad they tend to let their guard down and forget about making basic checks on food that they would they would normally do.

“As soon as we unpack that bag and lie on our sun lounger we ignore all the rules we follow when we are at home.

“We have handled thousands of cases of people who have been seriously ill after swimming in a contaminated pool or eating half cooked food from a hotel buffet or injured in an accident during their summer break. These people sometimes end up with serious medical conditions that affect their whole life.

“Accidents in hotel rooms where children fall against glass balcony doors and they shatter are also quite common and they can leave horrific injuries with lifelong consequences as the standards of the glass may not be as good as back home.

“Also people regularly get injured on a waterslide at a water park with poorly maintained or designed equipment.

Health and hygiene standards abroad are often inferior to those in the UK and this leads to outbreaks of illness similar to the one we have seen in Mexico.”

The most common complaints Nolan handles include dirty, bug ridden pools and undercooked food, as well as trips and slips in and around hotels and accidents in hotel rooms.

He said that if holidaymakers were in any doubt of the hygiene or safety standards at their hotel they should look out for these basic indicators:

*Avoid eating from a buffets where the food is barely lukewarm and to watch the food trays as some of them may have been out for long periods and may harbour bacteria. Also keep an eye on the chefs to ensure they are carrying out basic hygiene practices and appear clean.

*Fruit may not always be the best option as it may have been washed in contaminated water. Vegetables may have been grown in fields contaminated by sewage. So wash any fruit in bottled mineral water if possible.

*Check the pool is clean and that the water is clear and there is no algae or debris - if you have any doubts, avoid it until you are satisfied it has been treated.

*Look around the dining areas for animals or insects – including birds and stray cats. These can harbour disease which humans can catch.

*Make sure you run the taps on your shower and bath for ten minutes when you arrive in your room with the doors open as they may be harbouring potentially deadly legionnaires disease.

*Check your insurance policy covers water parks and water sports such as jet skiing or camel rides as often they are exempt as “hazardous activities.”

*Keep an eye on kids at the start and end of the holiday when they are in the pool as these are the days when accidents are most likely to occur.

*Pack a carbon monoxide detector in your case as many tourists find themselves suffering from CO2 gas poisoning when they go on holiday.

*Take a mixture of currency and cards in case either is lost or stolen.

*Check the Foreign Office website before you go away to see the latest advice on the country you are travelling to.

Nolan added: “When you are on a package holiday it is the travel company’s responsibility to look after you and this includes ensuring that you are reasonably safe.

“If you do get ill or have an accident or something happens make sure you keep a note of everything that happens and any poor hygiene practices. Make a note of who you speak to and get photos or video evidence if you can.”

Sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, illness or accident is still unavoidable. So if anyone in your group is unwell or ends up in hospital Nolan recommends that you:

- Contact your rep and report your complaints;

- Visit the hotel doctor, Hospital or nearby medical practice and get treatment;

- Keep detailed notes of symptoms and times, dates and length of illness;

- Get video and photo evidence of poor hygiene /conditions at your resort along with pictures of any injured or ill person in your group;

- When you get home if symptoms persist visit your GP;

- Don’t accept any goodwill gesture offered by your holiday company without taking advice as you may be left with serious ongoing problems

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